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Save The Fallen - NEW Game!

2009-09-04 13:36:46 by nkiegrea

Bounty and BlitzGamer.com just released "Save The Fallen" flash game in Newgrounds today for Judgement!

It is a fun shooter game that has a lot of explosions and action. 15 total levels if you exclude the Rampage level (only in hard mode) and 3 Boss Levels!

See if you can compete for a high score! (Your best bet is to practice on normal and then play Hard to play for a high score)


There are Medals, but they are not connected to NG's servers at this time, but hopefully we will have access soon and get the game re uploaded for everyone to try and get all of the medals!


Zack B

Save The Fallen - NEW Game!


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2009-09-04 13:38:42

pfft.. looks like an old n64 game... i go for the ones that took hard work like sonny, and stuff like that.
No thanks.

nkiegrea responds:

The game is supposed to have that look.. and believe it or not.. it did take "hard work" .. Thanks though. ;-)


2009-09-04 14:29:37

Looks Awesome! Can't wait to play it.

nkiegrea responds:

Thanks! Let me know what you think after you play it! :-)


2009-09-04 19:00:05

Looks fun!
And to Darkknight198, if you don't like it post some contructive criticism at least.
Instead of just
No thanks I don't like it
Good work though

nkiegrea responds:

Appreciate it.. Let me know how you like the game after you play it. :-) Cheers!


2009-09-04 20:41:36

Well played the game.
Was fun for a bit... but does get a bit repetative man
GREAT concept though, it was smooth and fun
The chopper level is what got me though, failed at that multiple times... :P
But platformers aren't necessarily for me I guess.
But least I had a try.. If you could make it more like..
Longer levels and some enemies to kill other than the choppers, zombies and bombs.
Though might not have gotten far enough to see what else there was
I'll have to keep trying!

nkiegrea responds:

Thanks, yeah, basically, the levels just get harder with more bombs, heat seeking bombs, and more helicopters..

If there is a part two, I would like to have a story and more levels, but this game was really meant to be for competing for a high score.

Thanks for your input though, we will def consider it for next time! :-)